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The biggest doubt which tends to come up when you are about to send written text, be it a class essay, resume, or a report for work, is if it might contain a mistake that could spoil the final outcome of the text. Now, thanks to SSuite Spell Checker, you can get a second opinion on the spelling of any text document.

SSuite Spell Checker is a comprehensive tool that helps you check the spelling of all of your written work quickly, easily, and efficiently. Given that this is a specialized program that includes a vast number of expandable dictionaries, the end result is much more satisfactory than you would get from similar apps, or even from the built-in spell check on your word processor.

To use SSuite Spell Checker simply paste the text you want to process straight from the clipboard, and once you click 'start checking' you can see for yourself how, one-by-one, each word of your text is analyzed, checking its individual value as well as its value within the context of a sentence.

SSuite Spell Checker is available in up to eight languages, so it can also help you to practice writing those you are interested in learning. Gone are the days of sending a text document and worrying that you've made a possible spelling mistake, thanks to SSuite Spell Checker.
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